Welcome to Design Prototyping Center


Design & Prototyping Centre (DPC) at ESCI is a new initiative which is set up to foster design and development skills among young engineers and technologists. Engineering Staff College of India, ESCI and EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions jointly established “Design & Prototyping Cell - Technology Demonstration Centre (DPC-TDC)” at ESCI on April 9, 2015. The Centre was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Rajanish Prakash, Chairman, Chief Executive, Heavy Water Board, Mumbai;  Mr. Terence Oh, Vice President, EOS Asia Pacific was Guest of Honour.



  • To foster creativity, design & development skills, innovation and entrepreneurship among young school kids, engineers and technologists.
  • To implement training programs that emphasize experiential learning.
  • To bridge the gap between Industry, R&D laboratories, Government organizations and academic institutions by providing technical expertise and assistance.
  • To bring the awareness in emerging technologies such as Rapid Prototyping, Digital Manufacturing - Subtractive & Additive, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing & Reverse Engineering, Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics, Digital Electronics, Internet of Things (Arduino & Raspberry Pi), Machine Learning and the like.
  • To provide R&D consultancy for the startups, MSME’s and individuals.
  • To assist StartUps, Technologists in developing new products.



  Design & Prototyping Cell (DPC) is a Technology Demonstration Centre (TDC) with a mandate to spread Emerging Technologies among students, academicians, scholars, working professionals and technology enthusiasts. The Centre functions as a Facilitator, Coordinator, and Collaborator for conducting Training Programs, rendering Technology Services, organizing R&D and Engineering Consultancy Projects.

 DPC along with ESCI’s National & International Associations / Technology Partners and eminent Technology, Engineering Medical & Management experts strives to bridge the gap between Research Labs, Academic Institutions and the Industry. With the repute of being a premier Professional Education & Training Institute and assimilation of the best from Industry & Institute, the Centre has expanded its horizon in sync with the Govt. of India’s schemes such as Make in India, Digital India,    StandUp India, StartUp India, Skill Development and Mudra. We enable Institute, Industry, and Individuals to take on the challenges of the society and work towards the growth and development of the nation. 

Areas of Expertise:            

Product Design & Development     (Ideation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

  • ¨ Design & Analysis (PLM/CAD/CAE/CAM Software)
  • ¨ Rapid Prototyping (Plan - Product)
  • ¨ Digital Manufacturing - Additive & Subtractive
  • ¨ Additive Manufacturing                 (3D Scanning / 3D Printing & Reverse Engineering)
  • ¨ Automation / Mechatronics & Robotics
  • ¨ Internet of Things (Design)                 (Arduino & Raspberry Pi)
  • ¨ Emerging Technologies                  (Medical, Engineering & Techno-Management)
  • ¨ Value Engineering & Analysis