Engineering Labs

Engineering Staff College of India, a Learning Centre for Practising Engineers, Scientists & Managers, is equipped with the following  laboratories to conduct practical skill-upgradation training courses and assessment tests to aspiring candidates from academic & industrial institutions as per their specific needs:

  • Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
  • Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering Laboratory
  • Civil Engineering Laboratory
  • IT & Computer Science Engineering Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

The lab has the equipment, test rigs, models, etc to cover various topics under the branch of Mechanical Engineering like Mechanics of Solids, Manufacturing Technology, Mechanics of Fluids, Thermal Science and Engineering, etc.  Several types of experiments can be conducted on this equipment to gain a firsthand feel and knowledge of the theoretical concepts involved.

  mec lab



Apparatus available for conducting Experiments

  1. Hardness Tester (Rockwell, Brinell)
  2. Strain Measurement Tutor Using Strain Cantilever
  3. Pendulum Impact Testing Unit (Charpy, Izod)
  4. Apparatus for Study of Whirling of Slender Shafts
  5. Apparatus for Static and Dynamic Balancing of a Rotating Shaft
    1. Flow Measurement by Venturi and Orifice meter
  6. Friction Loss Estimation in Fluid Flow Through Circular Pipes
  7. Kaplan Turbine Test Rig
  8. Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus
  9. Thermal Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
    1. Convective Heat Transfer Measurement Apparatus (Free Convection, Vertical Pipe)
  10. Parallel and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger Apparatus
  11. Diesel Engine Test Rig with Electric Dynamometer
  12. Multi-cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig
  13. Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

Educative Models Available

  1. Slider Crank Mechanism
  2. Differential Gear Assembly
  3. Pelton Turbine
  4. Francis Turbine
  5. Spring-loaded Safety Valve
    1. Expansion Steam Trap
  6. Float Steam Trap
  7. Cut Section of a 4-stroke diesel engine
  8. Cut Section of a single-cylinder, 4-stroke petrol engine
  9. Carburetor (Solex type)

Services Offered:

  1. Conducting tailor-made practical training courses as per customer needs.
  2. Conducting performance assessment tests of candidates.

Electrical Engineering Laboratory 

The Electrical Engineering Laboratory at ESCI is equipped with latest hardware-simulators wherein candidates can make different connections and conduct experiments related to the modules described below.  The facilities are designed not only to safely withstand inadvertent human errors of the students but also to simulate typical faults so as to help the candidates get a hands-on experience of the effect of these faults and drill them in developing resolute and correct reactions.


eee lab2




Facilities Available:

1) Single Phase Transformers: to conduct

a)Polarity test;
b) Paralleling test;
c) Series connection test;
d) Parallel connection to identify/correct wrong wiring, if any; etc

2) Three Phase Transformers Parallel Connection:
a) Sharing by current by transformers;
b) Measuring power drawn by each transformer;
c) Connecting energy meter and calibrating; etc

3) Three Phase Transformers: (Primary Winding, Secondary Winding, Tertiary Winding
and Zigzag Winding):

a) Star/Star Connection, to measure primary secondary voltages / currents
b) Delta/Star Connection, to measure line current and phase current;
c) Star/Delta Connection, to measure circulating current in delta winding (simulate a
wrong connection)

4) DC Shunt Motor: Connect variable speed drive, a) measuring speed; voltage and
current; b) measuring armature voltage and current on load; c) measuring speed on
load; d) measuring speed during ‘field weakening’; e) determining load-speed

5) Power Transmission Line Trainer:

a) Assembling the trainer kit;
b) Studying Ferranti effect & calculating the charging current;
c) Determination of transmission line constants (A, B, C, & D) by

I. knowing component values and
II. 2-port experimental method;

d) Verification of R, L, C component values from the four transmission line parameters
(i.e., A, B, C,D) using Pi model;

e) Conducting laboratory load test and calculation/measurement of regulation, efficiency
& power factor;
f) Capacitive VAR compensation;
g) Identifying symmetric & asymmetric faults

6) AC Motor:
a) DOL starter;
b) Star/delta starter;
c) Forward / reverse phase sequencing;
d) Adjustment of overload relay

7) Measuring Instruments:
a) IR values (MΩ) of electrical equipment;
b) Winding resistance (mΩ);
c) Checking the BDV of transformer oil

8) Earthing System: Measurement of soil resistivity and Earth resistance of sub-stations

9) Electrical Substation:

Services Offered:
1) Conducting tailor-made practical training courses as per customer needs.
2) Conducting performance assessment tests of candidates.

Civil Engineering Laboratory

civil lab